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GreenEnergyLaw.org is headed by Rob Wolf, a Boston attorney with an MBA in finance, partner at Matheson Wolf in Boston and "of counsel" for Cleantech Law Partners of San Francisco. What started as a desire to assist a classmate at the Whittemore School for Business at UNH in financial modeling early solar PV projects evolved into a renewed passion in solving the myriad of legal and financial challenges that face renewable energy projects.

The challenge is significant: solar projects are capital-intensive with historically long time horizons before economic gains generate returns comparable to traditional energy sources. Consequently, a successful project must resolve the technology, legal and financial issues to truly meet the expectations and needs of all stakeholders.

Now, however, with improvements in technology, cost efficiencies and strong public policy initiatives, renewable energy and solar power in particular can be less expensive than traditional grid-delivered power if implemented and deployed correctly.

Rob Wolf has assembled a team of legal, technical and finance experts who share his passion and expertise in project finance and development. Contact us using the Contact page to see how opportunities can be created with their astute legal, finance and technical planning.