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We assist developers, property owners, installers and investors by providing guidance that
protects their interests and maximizes value. We critically analyze the economic nuances of
each project and develop finance and accounting tools that have relevance to outside third
party funding sources such as lenders and investors. Our associate teams provide the legal,
regulatory and tax support. In short, we give you the guidance, insight and counsel to move
your project forward.

Clients include:
- Project developers
- Project investors
- Property owners
- Municipalities
- Non-profit organizations

After an initial consultation, we will propose one or a combination of several alternatives:

- Straight fee arrangement for legal or preliminary accounting and engineering services based on a flat-fee or hourly-fee arrangement.  In most cases, it equals less than 30-cent/square-foot.
- % of the anticipated power savings
- % of the site lease payments to property owner
- Fee sharing arrangement of funds from other parties

Bottom-line: we charge what is reasonable and fair, always with a written fee agreement, and often conditioned upon the project success.